TIP: If you’re having trouble with posts appearing on the timeline, make sure your custom domain is properly set.

  • On the web go to Account ->
  • Select Feeds & Cross-posting ->
  • Add your domain URL without “www.” ->
  • Remove the username.micro.blog default feed.

DEFINE: Webring

  • (webring)
  • Noun
    • A collection of websites linked together via independent links per site.
    • The section of the website containing the link(s) to other websites.
  • Portmanteau of website ring.

TIP: On iOS you can use the quick-link button to easily share a link from the clipboard.

  • Copy a link ->
  • Open the app ->
  • Select the [] button ->
    • The link will now automatically appear, and the cursor moved back to the label bracket.
  • Fill in a label for your link.