TIP: You can follow domains on Micro.blog, as well as user-named accounts. This makes Micro.blog more of an all-in-one reader, whether for absolutely everything you want to read via blog feeds or a specific type of site.

TIP: You can use the Copy HTML feature to place an image in your post or page.

  • Go to the web app ->
  • Select the Posts tab ->
  • Select the Uploads tab ->
  • Use Upload... to upload your image ->
  • Select the Copy HTML button ->
  • Paste the copied code into your post/page.

TIP: When using IndieAuth sign-in with third-party services remember to keep your information updated in Account.

  • Go to the web app ->
  • Select the Account tab ->
  • Under App tokens select Edit Apps ->
  • Fill in the relevant information.

TIP: Using taxonomy, you can set up your account with different feeds, whether multiple or single, and thus have a master feed based around a theme for the timeline. For example, you could have only long posts, link posts, or posts about a specific subject.

TIP: When downloading your export on the Mac, make sure to right-click and select “Save As…”. This way you will avoid the automatic process wherein the computer attempts to open the file in the News app.