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The Macro Report: April, 2019

For the second consecutive month it was full steam ahead, a thorough mix of big new features, enhancements, fixes, and most excitedly a big push for cross-platform updates. The different parts of Micro.blog have been brought into line with regard to necessary uniformity so that the platform is as coherent as possible, all whilst retaining the separate platform-specific flavours.

Let’s take a look at what’s been happening lately on Micro.blog.

In the past month…


With one of the biggest updates of the year, a new type of media has been introduced in the form of support for video hosting and publishing. You can now upload videos to your account, either directly with the same button for uploading a photo or using the Upload Manager on the web.

This is best used for short videos, with a limit of 45 MB per upload, and is available on the web, iOS, the Mac, and in Sunlit. You can also play video inline, whilst a number of updates have been applied across the platform to further improve the performance of this feature, as well as an accompanying guide.

To access this feature you’ll need the same Hosted subscription required for podcast publishing.

Edit Post Date

It is now possible to change the published date on existing posts, using the Posts tab on the web. This makes it possible for imported posts to be changed to match their initial published date, should that be required, as well as modifying specific types of post to a date better suited for their purpose.

This additions is also the first hint at the possible future of the post editor being a powerful publishing tool; for example, that could include full post scheduling. Meanwhile, drafts will now be published at the date of posting rather than when initially saved.

Window resizing, search in Sunlit, and more!

You can now resize the window of the Mac app! There is still a limit on the size but it is much larger than the fixed version. Also, in the Posts list you will now see thumbnail previews of videos, whilst the app has received a few other fixes.

Elsewhere, in Sunlit you can now search for people in the Discover tab; simply scroll up and you will get access to the search bar. You can now also tap and hold the New Post button to access posting from external sources. In the Micro.blog iOS app the New Post and Reply buttons have been refreshed with a new design that is better matched with Sunlit; this is indicative of continued efforts to maintain and improve Micro.blog across all of the apps, as a group, whenever possible.


  • Icro now supports video playback, as Martin Hartl quickly followed the newest tentpole feature release.
  • Indigenous gained a few significant features as well as a number of tweaks and fixes as Kristof continues the momentum of the past few months. You can now get push notifications (via Pushy.me), mark all as read button for high volume feeds, search for posts, and filter timelines via URL.
  • Own Your Gram was updated by Aaron to work with greater predictability, specifically with regard to importing photos from the moment you use it instead of automatically importing every photo you have already posted.

• • •

The obvious focus for this month with regard to the core was Video, not least because it ticks a big box for media-based publishing. However, I found a significant aspect of this was in the platform-wide approach of updates from the team; not only was the feature rolled out to each part of Micro.blog but it was equally supported thereafter. This marks a significant point in the history of the platform, wherein we see the great potential of small platforms built on good standards with a consistent and careful approach for how best to work in the best interests of the web as a whole.

This continues to be an exciting year, and with the developer conferences of the dominant vendors soon upon us it’s fair to say we’re just getting started. Not only that but the momentum of the independent web has continued apace, with yet more people talking about it, and those of us already exploring this space anew finding more and more positives in a life not lead by the corporate silos.

Even with this continued dialogue, Micro.blog continues to be a space where you can simply enjoy the freedom of posting to the web without even needing to care about the technical underpinnings or the philosophical foundations. The platform continues to be the ideal space for those people who simply wish to share any particular aspect of their life, with ever decreasing fiction and an ever-growing community. And that’s pretty damned good.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

– Simon

TIP: If you want to arrange multiple photos in your post, you can use either the web app or Sunlit. On the web you can do so in a new post with manual linking or edit an existing post to then use manual linking. Sunlit includes the auto-title feature found in the web app.

TIP: To manage the accounts you have muted, use the Edit Muted Users button in the Account tab. This is also where you can mute more accounts via username or domain name.

  • Go to the web app ->
  • Select Account ->
  • Scroll down to Timeline ->
  • Select Edit Muted Users.