TIP: When using Sunlit, you can search for accounts via the Discover tab.

  • Open Sunlit ->
  • Select the Discover button ->
  • Scroll down to pull the search bar into view ->
  • Type your search into the search bar ->
  • Select the return key ↩.

TIP: When posting on the Mac, if you want to see your categories, they are available via the menu bar.

  • Open the Mac app ->
  • Use the menu bar to select File ->
  • Select New ->
  • Use the menu bar to select View ->
  • Select Categories.

TIP: You can run a Hosted account with your posts separate from the timeline, and still use your account for replies and favorites.

  • Go to the web app ->
  • At the top select the Account tab ->
  • Select the Edit Feeds & Cross-posting button ->
  • Select Remove Feed.

The Macro Report: May, 2019

For May the core of the platform slowed down, with a mixture of light feature releases, smaller updates with fixes, and a few exciting events all still making up a packed month.

Let’s take a look at what’s been happening lately on Micro.blog.

In the past month…

Following Blogs

You can now follow posts from a site even if the publisher has not registered an account on Micro.blog. The system works with custom domains, following the idea that:

one site = one user = one domain name

To find and follow these sites you can use search in Discover, and you will then see their posts in your timeline. If that site supports Webmention, when you reply to a post Micro.blog will send that reply to the site as a comment on the original post.

New Themes

There are two new themes to choose from for people with a Hosted site: Minos and Hello, both of which have been adapted from existing Hugo themes. The release of the themes includes their availability on the Micro.blog GitHub organisation, and was quickly followed up with fixes.

They are as customisable as any other theme, whether you use the template system, custom CSS, edit the footer with HTML and/or JavaScript, or a mix of any of those options. One example of how to use the template system was provided via a guide for creating a custom home page, whether with any HTML you would like or even using categories to include certain posts.

New Home and more!

There is a new home page for Micro.blog, specifically for people who are new to the platform or who do not have an account. The redesign includes much more relevant information about the platform as a whole and can also be accessed by opening a private window or signing out of your account. On top of this Manton also published a post to outline how Micro.blog can fulfil an important promise; the fastest way to blog.

Elsewhere there was one final set of Sunlit fixes, finishing off a collection of minor updates in the aftermath of the recent significant changes.

From a less technical perspective, a special section of Discover was launched to cover Apple’s big summer event, WWDC. Also, a new spring giveaway was launched in which you could invite people to the platform and include 3 free months of hosting. Finally, the month ended with an invitation from both Jean and Manton to submit questions for the latter, with the imminent release of a special Q&A edition of Micro Monday.


• • •

As we get close to the halfway point of the year it’s fair to say that it is now much clearer as to the basic shape of Micro.blog, at least from a broader perspective, and whilst there are still rough edges to smooth out as the platform grows there has also been lots of progress already with regard to performance and stability improvements. This is a positive indicator that the platform has a certain type of maturity built into it, which in itself is not especially surprising considering the philosophy with which it is built, that of the strong foundations of the open web.

A good example of this maturity, and general expansion is WWDC Discover. This update meant that the main section of Discover was allowed to continue featuring a range of subjects and posts, whilst it was possible for those following WWDC to see what the community was saying about the event.

Elsewhere, there was literal exciting news in the form of an article in The New Yorker, in which Cal Newport mentioned Micro.blog as an example of the web attempting to counter the behemoths of the social silos. This article was then listed on Techmeme, including a reference to Manton’s tweet (which he had of course cross-posted from his original blog post). To those who have joined the community as a result of this coverage: hello! Welcome to Micro.blog. :)

Enjoy your weekend!

– Simon

Noted: 22nd May, 2019

Here is what’s been happening elsewhere:

  • MarsEdit, by Daniel Jalkut

    • You can now get MarsEdit on Setapp, an app subscription service for the Mac. Daniel has now made integrated publishing with Micro.blog on the Mac even more accessible.
  • Gluon, by Vincent Ritter

    • The new version of the app was launched as an Alpha build on Android. Meanwhile, push notifications were removed from the iOS beta version whilst small tweaks were made. Then Vincent updated the Discover tab for both versions with a menu for tagmoji and applied fixes to the Android app. Discover was further enhanced with search, which can be filtered by posts or users, and includes the recently announced domain-name search feature. Another tentpole feature was added in the form of posting, initially in a limited form with more to soon be added.
    • Vincent has continued to blog about his development – including a particularly exciting tease in his latest post – and it certainly looks like he is well on his way to producing an impressive first full version of the app, as well as being the first cross-platform native app developer for Micro.blog

You can see more about third-party updates on the Elsewhere page and every month in The Macro Report, as well as more about third-party development in general on the Links page.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

TIP: If you’re using WordPress with a feed plugged into your Micro.blog account and are having issues with how your posts appear on the timeline, make sure to set your feed to show Full Text or to disable Limit feed to excerpt only.