Let's talk about: Pins

Let’s talk about Pins.

On Micro.blog you can collect pins for your account, represented by unique icons you can see within your account. They are available on the web and are unlocked by reaching certain milestones or other conditions, such as publishing your first post to the Micro.blog timeline, or posting after midnight. With that in mind…

Let’s get our hands on the Pins.

Getting a look at the regular pins means using the web. Make sure you’re logged in and ready to go.

Make your way to micro.blog/account/pins – as well as the link at the bottom of the Guide, you can get there by selecting the Account tab:

Screenshot of the top of the Micro.blog web app, highlighting the Account and Show All links.

… and then selecting Show All. Once you have done this you will see the pins screen:

Screenshot of the Micro.blog pins page, showing only the top pin as having been collected.

Here you can see all of the regular pins and how you can get them, along with your instantly collected first pin for registering a username! By fulfilling the conditions set out here you will collect the pins; like this:

Screenshot of the Micro.blog pins page, showing five pins as having been collected.

(NOTE: To collect the Custom Domain pin you will need a hosted account, with which you can map your custom domain to your hosted site.)

The collection of default pins are as follows:

  • Welcome:Every account starts with this pin. It’s a word of thanks for creating an account.
  • First!:You unlock this pin the first time you post to your account.
  • 10 Posts: Once you have published 10 posts you will receive this pin.
  • 25 Posts: Once you have published 25 posts you will receive this pin.
  • Daily Blogger: Once you have published at least 1 post every day for 30 days you will receive this pin.
  • Micro Monday: The moment you partake in Micro Monday for the first time you will have also unlocked this pin.
  • Photoblog: The first time you publish a post with a photo in it you will unlock this pin.
  • Photo Challenge: If you publish a post with a photo every day for 7 days you will unlock this pin.
  • Custom Domain: Should you choose to subscribe to a Hosted plan and configure your site with a custom domain this pin will appear.
  • Night Owl: As soon as you publish a post after midnight you will unlock this pin.

Over time you can also collect special pins. These are usually limited to specific events, announced by Manton ahead of time. For example, in 2018 the two biggest Apple public events had the following pins:

Screenshot of two special pins for Apple events, showing both as having been collected.

The collection of special pins are as follows:

  • Happy Holidays: Made for mentioning a winter holiday celebration in late December.
  • Halloween: Made for mentioning pumpkins or Halloween at the end of October.
  • Inktober: Made for the drawing challenge in October 2019.
  • Microblogvember: Made for the posting challenge in November 2019.
  • WWDC: Made for the Apple conference in June 2018.
  • Apple Event 2018: Made for the Apple event in September 2018.

You can find out if any of the existing special pins are made available again by following the News blog, Manton’s blog, or the TIL Update posts.

• • •

Pins are a fun way to both get involved with the community and motivate yourself for posting in a variety of ways, with the potential to become even better over time; who knows, perhaps we’ll have real pins, whether for general availability or meetups and the like!

Over time Manton will add more pins and continue to release limited editions for events. If you have any ideas for new pins or issues you can contact the team via the official channels, as they are happy to take suggestions and help.

There we have it; that’s pins. Now you know what to do and how to do it.