Preparing the Ground

There have been updates over the past few days:

  • In Why I Made Today I Learned I talk about the origins of and thinking behind the project.
  • Links page:
    • Additions and edits to Core.
    • New section for third-party: Other.
    • Various additions to third-party sections.
  • History edited with latest updates.
  • Main blog theme:
    • Footer overhauled with new links and layout.
    • Link colour changed for improved legibility.
  • Updates blog theme:
    • Footer overhauled with new links and layout.
    • Header edited with new link and icon added to title.
    • Link colour changed for improved legibility.
  • Twitter profile updated with a new bio, cover photo, and theme colour.

Much of the groundwork for future updates has now been completed, whilst I have established a steady posting and page updating schedule. Between this and the continued progress of both the platform and community, it’s fair to say Today I Learned has completed the first phase of its development.

As the year comes to an end, I’m looking at better fulfilling the stated role of Today I Learned – to help people get to grips with in a variety of ways – and so in the early part of 2019 I will further extend the project in a few different ways. I’m excited about doing this but also not willing to talk about it anymore; I think it’s better for me to simply do the thing but also wanted to let the community know that there is more to come. Much more.

With that in mind, this is the last post of the year; the Links and History pages will continue to be updated on an as-needed basis but there will not be any significant changes to those or any other part of the project for at least the next three weeks.

I’d like to thank the community, from the team who run through to all of the awesome bloggers who have chosen this platform on which to share everything they choose to. You’re all making good choices and I truly believe that together we are in fact making the web a better place.

Enjoy the end of the year, everybody. Bye!

– Simon