DEFINE: Photoblog

  • (pho-toh-blawg, -blog)
  • Noun
    • A blog on which the primary content of a post is a photo, or multiple photos.
  • Shortened form of photographic weblog.
  • Sometimes considered a type of posting; for example, “the photoblog on Instagram”.

DEFINE: Microblog

  • (mahy-kroh-blawg, ‐blog)
  • Noun
    • A blog containing short posts.
    • “Short” is often defined as being fewer than 500 characters in length.
    • The popular limit length for the definition of “short” has become 280 characters.
  • Portmanteau of micro and blog.


  • (feed)
  • Noun
    • A source of online content, usually posts, to which you can subscribe.
    • The form of technology upon which large scale publishing was made possible.
  • Often shorthand for the relevant platform, i.e. RSS for a blog, timeline for Twitter.


  • (web)
  • Noun
    • All websites; the interconnected network that makes up the internet. Commonly referred to as the web.
  • Shortened form of World Wide Web.
  • Sometimes an alternative for Internet.


  • (blawg, blog)
  • Noun
    • A website on which a post or series of posts are published by an author, or group of authors, likely to be less formally structured than a professional publication.
    • A single entry or post on such a website.
  • Shortened form of weblog.