TIP: To upload a photo at full size on iOS, make sure you tap the expansion icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the image. You can tap it again if you want to revert to the default square crop.

Screenshot of the photo upload screen on iOS, with the expansion icon highlighted.

TIP: You can use the Copy HTML feature to place an image in your post or page.

  • Go to the web app ->
  • Select the Posts tab ->
  • Select the Uploads tab ->
  • Use Upload... to upload your image ->
  • Select the Copy HTML button ->
  • Paste the copied code into your post/page.

TIP: If you want to arrange multiple photos in your post, you can use either the web app or Sunlit. On the web you can do so in a new post with manual linking or edit an existing post to then use manual linking. Sunlit includes the auto-title feature found in the web app.

TIP: When using the share sheet on iOS to post photos they might be published incorrectly. You can stop this from happening by using an alternative method, accessing the editing options available, or manually uploading images via post editing.

TIP: When cross-posting to Twitter, images with the alt tag will not also transfer with that tag in place. As such the only way to make sure the alt tag is used in images on Twitter is to post to Twitter directly.

TIP: With hosted accounts, If you want to manage the images you have posted to Micro.blog and/or upload some for later use you use the Uploads sub-tab:

  • Go to the web app ->
  • At the top select the Posts tab ->
  • Select the Uploads button.

TIP: For external websites, if you want images to appear use a complete URL in the post and not a relative URL.


  • /images/image.png is a relative URL and will not appear.
  • (https://)yoursite.net/images/image.png is a complete URL and will appear.