Micro.blog is a flexible platform, built with open standards in mind and with a philosophy from which third party development is valued highly and always encouraged. This page is a record of the latest news about the efforts undertaken by different people to develop for Micro.blog.


Updated: 21st November, 2019


Icro was given a major update, as Martin provided an improvement to layout and keyboard shortcuts on iPad, support for Dark Mode, and updated functionality with posts via long press.

Dialog had an especially exciting month, first with a big beta update to introduce a redesign from the ground up and posting. Then, the app left beta to become the first fully available Android app for Micro.blog, along with a new website and a brand new channel in the Micro.blog Slack; to join just contact Mike as he is open to feedback and discussion about the app. As if that wasn’t enough, Mike also launched two ways to support development of the app; directly through donations or by buying the first ever Dialog t-shirt.

Gluon was given a significant collection of updates throughout the month. Vincent added push notifications, iPad support, a pure black theme, displaying first name, and impactful speed improvements. It’s also great to see Vincent continuing his work on refining the design of the app.

Indigenous also received multiple updates as progress continues towards the first full version of the app. Kristof added accessibility improvements, global search, image upload on reply, an ‘Unread items’ channel, and auto submit of share intents, whilst a number of fixes were also made.


Microgram got a design update and updated instructions regarding support.

Micro Memories had a few improvements, to fix bugs and clarify instructions with regard to custom theme integration.

Micro.threads now includes the Favorite function in the thread discovery section.


How to customise Micro.blog is a brand new resource site, made and maintained by Miraz Jordan. It is focused on utilising the various theme tools of the platform to change how your blog looks and functions.

Primarily a guide-based site, Miraz also provides links, link posts, and more in what is a striking and well-designed site itself. There is an accompanying Micro.blog account, whilst Miraz also appeared on the Micro Monday podcast to talk about the project.

Mastomigrate is a script for moving your Mastodon following list to Micro.blog.

Micro guides are a collection of guides aimed at helping the community in a variety of ways, and are now sorted into an index page.

Musicians On Micro.blog is a new community resource for finding people, made and maintained by Jacob Gorban. With the multi-formatted directory you can find a mix of professional and hobbyist musicians from across the Micro.blog community.

The Tagmoji Directory was updated.

The wiki was given a significant addition in the form of a new page, covering the culture and norms of the community.

Associated Sites

Just Good Music is in its infancy as a project and so John Philpin asks the question: should it continue?

Open Web

IndieWeb Ring got a directory added to the site, to better highlight the people whose sites are part of the ring.

Own Your Gram has a new photo importer for importing one photo at a time, whilst real-time updating is no longer possible due to API changes from the developers of Instagram. Documentation has been updated as a result of these changes.

Quill had a number of updates to improve stability and performance, including the removal of integration with Facebook, Instagram, and flight tracking; as well as making both Twitter integration and image rotation smarter. Also, the file size limit for uploads was increased.


A Drafts Action for posting to Micro.blog with categories was updated by Craig McClellan, fixing a token-based issue that would cause the Action to break.

Feedbin, the feed reader that works with Micro.blog, is now available as an iOS app. This makes it even easier to share from your RSS, Twitter, and newsletter feeds.

Jekyll Mentions is an extension of Jekyll for adding @-mention support to your site. Brandon Trebitowski proved it works with Micro.blog.

MarsEdit gained further Micro.blog functionality in Daniel’s 4.3 release. He added support for a distinction between created and modified dates on posts.

Net News Wire, the well established RSS reader for Mac, has been relaunched with the public release of version 5. It includes sharing support for Micro.blog.


I maintain this page alongisde The Macro Report, a monthly post series. You can see updates in finer detail and at greater regularity in Noted posts.

If you have any suggestions, or if you are a third-party developer and would like me to change or remove anything on this page please let me know; you can @ me or send me an email.