Micro.blog is a platform open for third party development. This page is a record of the latest news about the efforts undertaken by different people to develop for Micro.blog.

Updated: 20th May, 2019


Icro now supports video playback, as Martin Hartl quickly followed the newest tentpole feature release.

Dialog had an especially exciting month, first with a big beta update to introduce a redesign from the ground up and posting. Then, the app left beta to become the first fully available Android app for Micro.blog, along with a new website and a brand new channel in the Micro.blog Slack; to join just contact Mike as he is open to feedback and discussion about the app. As if that wasn’t enough, Mike also launched two ways to support development of the app; directly through donations or by buying the first ever Dialog t-shirt.

Gluon received a whole bunch of additions; replying, theme switcher, appearance settings screen and associated settings, tap to reload feed, push notifications, increased TestFlight capacity, the new Android Alpha released, and Android dark mode. Vincent also provided a collection of screenshots in blog posts as part of his ongoing development.

Indigenous gained a few significant features as well as a number of tweaks and fixes as Kristof continues the momentum of the past few months. You can now get push notifications (via Pushy.me), mark all as read button for high volume feeds, search for posts, and filter timelines via URL.


Micro.threads now includes the Favorite function in the thread discovery section.

Micro Memories had a few improvements, to fix bugs and clarify instructions with regard to custom theme integration.

Microgram got a design update and updated instructions regarding support.


The wiki got a few updates near the end of the month with the addition of a number of new posting-related resources.

The Tagmoji Directory was updated.

Micro guides are a collection of guides aimed at helping the community in a variety of ways, and are now sorted into an index page.

Mastomigrate is a script for moving your Mastodon following list to Micro.blog.


Quill now uses an IndieAuth client instead of manual authorisation.

MarsEdit gained further Micro.blog functionality in Daniel’s 4.3 release. He added support for a distinction between created and modified dates on posts.

Own Your Gram was updated by Aaron to work with greater predictability, specifically with regard to importing photos from the moment you use it instead of automatically importing every photo you have already posted.

IndieWeb Ring got a directory added to the site, to better highlight the people whose sites are part of the ring.

Jekyll Mentions is an extension of Jekyll for adding @-mention support to your site. Brandon Trebitowski proved it works with Micro.blog.

You can also see the latest news about third party efforts in The Macro Report, a monthly series.