Micro.blog is a platform open for third party development. This page is a record of the latest news about the efforts undertaken by different people to develop for Micro.blog.


Icro got a nice, steady update to continue the momentum Martin Hartl has maintained since its launch. As well as an updated appearance the app now has discovery categories in Discover and pagination. Meanwhile, Martin has spoken about working on a Mac app and previewed the next update for iOS, 1.3, which will include new themes.

Dialog returned to an active state with an update including a variety of improvements and fixes.

Gluon had a fairly dramatic month, with no accessible updates but changes to its development. First it looked like Vincent Ritter was going to have to drop the Android version of the app but then later he turned that decision around to instead continue with renewed focus. This is great news for Android users, who will now have two third-party options from which to choose.

Kohan Ikin’s unnamed app entered a limited private beta.

Slate has unfortunately come to an end.


Micro.threads now includes the Favorite function in the thread discovery section.

Microgram is a new extension for creating a photo index on your hosted site, utilising the new JSON feed to create a grid layout.


The Tagmoji Directory was updated.

Micro guides are a collection of guides aimed at helping the community in a variety of ways, and are now sorted into an index page.

Mastomigrate is a newly published script for moving your Mastodon following list to Micro.blog.


Jekyll Mentions is an extension of Jekyll for adding @-mention support to your site. Brandon Trebitowski proved it works with Micro.blog.

You can also see the latest news about third party efforts in The Macro Report, a regular series posted once per month on the Updates blog.