The Wishlist

This is a log of all publicly known feature requests; a community wishlist.



Show lists of followers and following

Getting started

Link to post source


Add rel="me" to link on profile

Better access to profile and blog links

Better feedback on submitting a post

Category support for external sites

Clickable images on the web

Empty mentions and favorites timelines should contain something

Improve syntax support for code blocks

Include profile URL in Mac OS

Open links in new tab on the web

Preview button in more places

Remember position in timeline

Show all replies sent

‘Show More’ made available on more timeline pages

Toggle visibility of replies

Hosting on

Add theme previews

Change blog URL

Improve navigation for Archive page

Set the primary language for the blog

Theme similar in design to the profile pages


Image alt tag tool for the web

Photos hosted over SSL

Cross-posting to other social networks

Maintain markdown syntax

Name Optional title creation for short posts

Per-post cross-posting

Use JSON feed external_url when there is no link

Connecting external sites to

Send webmention to profile URL


Image metadata for posts

Make conversation thread JSON feed public

More data in YAML

More user stats in the API

Return more data in the “check since” endpoint

Support for cross-site replies


Account and policies

Make URLs in “Paid microblogs” settings clickable

Account-based lists


I will endeavour to explain requests as clearly as possible, and will make edits accordingly. When it comes to sources, blog posts and GitHub posts are the form of request most likely to succeed in being included, since they are most often reliably found and linked.

If you have made an ephemeral request – a Slack comment, a reply to Manton, or an email – consider turning it into either a blog post or a GitHub post!

You can see feature requests on GitHub and Slack, where you can also make your own requests and post about bugs. Updates about the latest issues are on Tracked. For help in general you can use the official documentation, the aforementioned platforms, as well as by way of email(

If you want to let me know about feature requests I have missed or any mistakes on this page, you can @ me or send me a message via email.